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Haiti Solar Oven Partners (HSOP) is a United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) project that works to place solar ovens in the hands of the poor in Haiti’s deforested lands. HSOP partners with the indigenous church and relief organizations to help alleviate human suffering and environmental destruction, following the UMVIM motto of Christian Love in Action!

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Empowering People through Self-Help with Solar Cooking and Water Pasteurization.

HSOP is Christian Love in Action!


We hear urgency in the voices of Haitians attending our solar cooking seminars, asking why the program took so long to reach them. Why HSOP can't provide many more ovens? In response, we must grow our successful program, with multiple pieces required to put it all together!

Experience has demonstrated that teaching solar cooking is the basis for success--rather than simply delivering solar ovens. Furthermore, teaching in the students' first language--offered by passionate, experienced peers--fosters acceptance, ownership, and enthusiasm for solar cooking!


Deforestation in Haiti is of epic proportions. Until the demand for charcoal--used as cooking fuel and made from trees--is eased, deforestation will continue to take a tragic toll on Haiti and its people. Solar cooking is a practical, concrete and caring solution. How can you become involved?

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Our Goals for 2014:

  • Honor request of our Haitian staff for more ovens--2,300 in 2014
  • Tell the HSOP story across the Dakotas in every UM Church
  • Recruit more partners for hands-on oven building at workshops in Moffit, ND, and Volga, SD
  • Raise $400,000 to reach our annual goal
  • Be a part of the solution!
  • Be God's love in action!

2014 Goals

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HSOP Director Rick Jost is taking time to reflect on how far Haiti and Haiti Solar Oven Partners have both come since the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010. Upon the solemn five-year anniversary of the natural disaster that killed anywhere from 160,000 to 220,000 people and injured more than 300,000, Jost writes about the impact the earthquake has had on the mission to to empower the Haitian people with solar ovens.

Haiti's Recovery Ongoing
Five Years Later

Be a 'Oven-a-Month' Partner

Giving Tuesday is a Gift!

Supporters of Haiti Solar Oven were busy clicking the "Donate" button on behalf of HSOP on the UMC#GivingTuesday in December. The generosity of those who understand the impact a solar oven and training can have on a Haitian family is heart-warming!